Monday, July 26, 2010

GA primary runoff and the right to offer an invocation at Cobb County government meetings

The primaries in Georgia are almost over. Several races face runoffs. The position for State Attorney General of Georgia is one of these. Let’s see if the media responds finally with some honest research to shine light on the hyperbole offered by Sam Olens. I really don’t have a horse in this race. I just want an Attorney General with some integrity. We do not need anyone who fabricates reality in order to entice a specific group of voters into voting a certain way. To often Sam’s targeted audience has been mislead for personal political power and not the good of the people.

I pose the question to Sam, and to anyone else who might have an answer, “What does it mean, in relationship to winning or losing, when a court awards payment from a defendant to a plaintiff. Who is the winner?” Also, who is the winner when the plaintiffs get more than they bargained for? Now instead of specific government accepted sectarian invocation, all citizens of any belief must be given the floor to recognize the universe as they see it, even if it is different from a supposed mainstream.

Any citizen of Cobb County, of any belief, wishing to offer an invocation at a Cobb County government meeting, please contact them, and sign up. After all, the prayer case opened the invocation up to all belief structures because of the FACT that the county’s representative, when inviting clergy to give an invocation, crossed the Mormon faith out of the phone book which she was using. The court rightfully saw this as favoring one citizen’s beliefs over another and that just isn’t government’s role. Hopefully people of the other faiths, living in Cobb, will come and claim their court-recognized rights.

Stand up for your rights as citizens. Do not let the Cobb County government isolate certain citizens because of their beliefs as was done to fellow citizens of the Mormon faith and others. And when your turn comes to offer an invocation, stand against any demeaning introduction of your belief like the one done against Ed Buckner by Sam Olens.

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