Monday, August 16, 2010

NYC Mosque

If we act like our enemy the enemy has won. A majority liking something or not cannot dictate in a free nation the "what, where, why or who" of other people's beliefs. The ground zero area Mosque cannot be stopped. In this situation even the future protests will play into the real terrorists hands. Live and let live even when it's hard or the real terrorist enemy wins. The government must not intervene without opening the door to future religious entwinements. Who would be next?


  1. Hey Jeff! Am I your first commenter? I am honored. ;-)

    I certainly don't think that the gov't should step in and legislate against the Islamic center. I fully agree with you on that one. However, it is fundamentally a matter of consideration for those who were profoundly effected by the 9/11 attacks. Attacks made by radical Muslims in the name of Allah. Why does the Islamic center NEED to be 2 blocks from Ground Zero? I think if we are to be tolerant of other belief systems, we should at the same time be able to expect the same consideration from those groups we are being asked to be considerate of. To me, it's no different than someone wanting to open a gun and ammo store 2 blocks from Columbine. Can they do it legally? Of course! (distance probably depends on state laws) Should they do it? I think not. It's insensitive. That doesn't mean that all Muslims are to blame for the attack. Every religious creed has its radical fringes which cannot be used to stereotype the whole. At the same time, if we are to 'live and let live', that means also being considerate of other backgrounds, creeds, and faiths and their perspectives on issues from BOTH sides. Manhattan is a large place and there are plenty of other prime locations. Why is it too much to ask that the Islamic center be put elsewhere?

    Just my thoughts. You know me, I'm always open to discussion. Shalom.

  2. Hi Bill, Sorry for the delay in responding. The more I read about this the more it is clear that people are running on misguided emotion being stirred for political reasons. Sensitivity is the word being used a lot. There were Moslems killed in the tower also. All the Moslems I know condemn violence and shouldn’t be punished for the heinous acts of people claiming to be of the same faith. It seems that sensitivity is being demanded by one side and being denied to the other. It also seems to me that there shouldn't be a side. We are a people of many faiths that was attacked by evil demented beings, period. The Imam behind the building of the cultural center is and has been used by our government to forge bridges to those of his faith that are suspicious of our hegemony. Most people I know want peace and respect and we have to open our vision some to see things from multiple directions so that understanding comes into play rather than emotion. The cultural center should be build because American fairness should not be violated. The cultural center should be build because viewing it with an open mind and heart will make it be seen as a bridge to peace not a poke in the eye. The Moslems wanting to build the center are not at fault for the evil perpetuated by theocratic radicals. Theocratic radicals exist in all faiths. If it weren’t for the fact that I am a pacifist…I would take Reverend Fred Phelps, Yigal Amir (the orthodox Jew that killed Prime Minister Rabin) and Bin Ladin and turn them over to…. But I will not do what my enemy does because if I do he wins!