Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The AJC factcheck at : http://www.politifact.com/georgia/statements/2010/aug/03/sam-olens/olens-says-he-beat-aclu-cobb-prayer-case/ found that Olens' ad was only half true. I wish that the article had mentioned that Cobb County had to pay a court ordered monetary award of $2501 to the plaintiffs. Not only did Olens fabricate what the suit was about for political gain, he ignored the fact that losers, not half winners, have to pay. Regardless of what the claimed official policy was, the Cobb Commission was overwhelmingly served by Christians and a rare Rabbi. No one else, until the plaintiffs gave the Commission Imam Zata Tafeek, was there ever a Muslim called to give the invocation. To this day, not even the previously excluded Mormon faith has been invited. The opening up of the invocation, to all beliefs, was ordered to both the Cobb Commission and the Planning Commission, and yet it still in reality seems myopic in its faith view. Also, as I wrote before, Olens doesn't have the right to judge the sincerity of an invocation just because of his own short comings and bias as was done against Ed Buckner the only person of no religious belief to give the invocation. Last thing, the factcheck was wrong in referencing the plaintiffs as all men. There were two women involved also.

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